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Loops and routes

Expanding the Shale Trail

Explore these loops from the Shale Trail using Google Maps. Please note that conditions can vary and paths can become very muddy.

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Livingston Loop

A loop off the main trail between Livingston Village and East Breich Woodlands. This is a level walk taking you through woodlands, meadows and passing allotments before rejoining the Shale Trail.

Length: 8km

Terrain: Generally level easy walking on surfaced paths.

Start: Livingston Village or East Breich Woodlands car park.

Find the Livingston loop on Google Maps

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The Five Sisters Loop

A short walk from West Calder around the iconic Five Sisters bing, the most prominent reminder of the shale industry. On the walk you can see the shape of the five fingers of the bing each of which carried waste shale away from Westwood Oil Works. Now you can see how nature is slowly reclaiming the shale waste. This is only a suggested route and has not been upgraded as part of the main project so many areas along the route are very wet and boggy underfoot.

Length: 5.6km

Terrain: Generally level easy walking

Start: Union Square, West Calder

Find the Five Sisters loop on Google Maps

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Almondell Viaduct Cycle Loop

This is a short loop for cyclists avoiding a very step section with steps, just at the Almondell Viaduct. The route takes you under the viaduct and into Almondell and Calderwood Country park, loops out towards East Calder and then returns to the Shale Trail by crossing the viaduct.

Find the Almondell Cycle loop on Google Maps

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Uphall Station Loop

A loop that continues along the Union Canal from Broxburn, crossing open fields, and joining up with the River Almond and then through Almondell and Calderwood Country Park to rejoin the Shale Trail at Camps Viaduct.

Length: 10 km

Terrain: Level walking on surfaced paths and canal towpath.

Start: Broxburn, Uphall Station or Almondell and Calderwood Country Park.

Find the Uphall Station loop on Google Maps

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Oakbank loop

An exploration of woodland and greenspace that runs through the south of Livingston, connecting Livingston Village and Mid Calder, in a loop from the Shale Trail.

Length: 12km

Terrain: Mostly on roads and surfaced paths, some muddy unsurfaced paths.

Start: Livingston Village, or Campbridge Park

Find the Oakbank link on Google Maps

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Winchburgh Village Loop

Find Winchburgh Village Loop on Google Maps

Description of the route. Find A round the village walk

Shale trail map

Kids' Shale trail map

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