Shale trail stories

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1. Co-op, Community and Shale

West Calder View

2. Unhappy Happy Land

West Calder View

3. There’s a House Under the Bing!

Five Sisters, by West Calder View

4. For Want of a Toilet...

Mossend and Gavieside, by West Calder View

5. Celtic Draw with Mossend Swifts

Mossend, by West Calder View

6. What's a Bing Worth?

Five Sisters, by West Calder View

7. Tranquil Pools from Shale Pits

Livingston Ponds, by Livingston View

8. Postcards to the Future

Livingston Village View

9. A Rocky Road to Recovery

Howden Bridge, Livingston View

10. A Green Hill Far Away?

Oakbank, by Mid Calder View

11. A Bridge Between Life and Death

Camps Viaduct, by East Calder View

12. The Heart of the Shale Oil Industry

Pumpherston View

13. A Millipede as Big as My Sister

Pumpherston View

14. Middleton Hall Garden City

Uphall View

15. Oil Boom, Population Boom

Broxburn View

16. Put the Light On?

Broxburn View

17. The Rise and Fall of Shale Tips?

Winchburgh View

18. Home from Home?

Winchburgh View

19. Digging, burning and tipping

Winchburgh View

Shale trail map

Kids' Shale trail map

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